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Ukrainian pilots’ exciting training to fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F-16 Fighting Falcon: the dream fighter that Zelensky will finally get and that could change the course of warfare

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine multirole fighter designed by the prestigious U.S. company General Dynamics in the 1970s. Since its entry into service in 1978, it has undergone several upgrades to suit the needs of the U.S. Air Force.

Recently, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren revealed exciting details about the military training of the first Ukrainian pilots who will fly the F-16. According to the minister, this training process will take at least six to eight months, but she is confident that delivery of the promised fighters to Ukraine will take place over the next year.

Ukrainians are positively surprised

Minister Ollongren commented that the Ukrainian pilots have surprised positively so far. They are highly motivated and have an excellent technical level. These circumstances allow us to be optimistic that they will succeed in the six to eight months of training, despite the fact that it normally takes longer to train pilots.

The first group of Ukrainian pilots, who have already started their training in Denmark, will be ready in February next year at the earliest. However, in addition to pilot training, there are other factors to consider, such as establishing the necessary infrastructure in Ukraine for the F-16s, securing the right spare parts and weapons, and being prepared for fighter aircraft maintenance. The minister emphasized that there is no point in simply supplying the F-16s to Ukraine without meeting all of these requirements.

The donation of F-16s to Ukraine

Minister Ollongren is not yet clear how many F-16s the Netherlands will contribute to Ukraine, but assured that the Dutch government is committed to supplying as many as possible of the 42 fighters it owns. The Danish government has also confirmed the donation of 19 F-16 fighters to Ukraine at this time.

The Netherlands and Denmark are working together to train Ukrainian pilots prior to the delivery of these impressive fighters. Next year promises to be a milestone for Ukraine, as it will receive the F-16 Fighting Falcon, an aircraft that could change the course of the war to the country’s benefit.